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I would like to formally apologize to all the non-rated award programs that I have applied to in the past and all the non-rated award programs that I may apply to in the future. When I started down the "road to glory" and began to apply for awards I did not intend to apply for more than a couple. Actually I was just testing the waters, as it were. Pretty much all that was required after winning an award was to establish a link back, which I did. The kind words of encouragement , in the notification e-mail, were very nice and so were filed in a separate folder in my e-mail program. Over the last couple of years I have re-formatted my hard drive a few times, for one reason or another, and they were all lost. Once I discovered the rated awards programs and began to pursue both rated and non-rated awards I began to publish those kind words of encouragement, as part of the conditions for winning the rated awards. I then intended to publish the laudations from the non-rated awards programs and discovered that it was going to be impossible. So rather than publishing the recent laudations and seemingly ignoring the previous laudations I have chosen to build a nice place to display all my non-rated awards and publish no laudations. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings especially after they have given of their time in reviewing my website. I am certainly aware of how much hard work and dedication that it takes to administrate any award program whether it is rated or non-rated. I would like to take a moment and say thank-you for your hard work and kind words of encouragement when you review my website. Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated and your time is well spent.
Thank-you very much.
Troy Fite / Web Master -

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