Willie Green Fite to James Monroe Fite

Willy Green Fite, (Thomas, Leonard, Leonard, Johannes)
Youngest daughter of Thomas Duncan Fite and her husband, Dr. Alberto Hudson, had one child:
Children of Robert Hunter Fite , (Thomas, Leonard, Leonard, Johannes), and his wife, Alma McCanthy, were:
Children of Lemuel Fite, (Leonard, Leonard, Johannes), - youngest son of Leonard Fite and Elizabeth Duncan and his wife, Mallie Bowers, were:
Children of Charles Bowers Fite, (Lemuel, Leonard, Leonard, Johannes), and his wife, Sarah Lee Hays, were:
Elizabeth Fite, (Lemuel, Leonard, Leonard, Johannes), and her husband, Johnan Estel Woods, had one child:
Children of Joseph Fite, (Lemuel, Leonard, Leonard, Johannes), and his wife, Mattie Mai Truitt, were:
Joseph Fite, (Leonard, Johannes) son of Leonard Fite and Margareth Cross and his wife, Betsy Overall, had 12 children. Names are not given. They lived in Texas.
Children of Catherine Fite, (Leonard, Johannes), and her husband, Lemuel Moore, were:
David Fite*, (Leonard, Johannes), son of Leonard Fite and Margareth Cross, was born in Lincoln County, N. C., June 15, 1795. He moved with his parents to Tennessee the year following, and when grown, lived in middle Tennessee. He was married twice; first, Jan. 30, 1822, to Nancy D. Daughtery, born Feb. 12, 1805, who bore him two sons and a daughter; she died May 16, 1830. David's second marriage was to Elizabeth Griffin, May 14, 1835, by whom he had one son and one daughter. David died May 1, 1862. The year previous, when present at his mother's one hundredth birthday celebration, he had four children living and eight grandchildren.
Children of David Fite, and his first wife, Nancy Daughtery, were: Children by his second wife, Elizabeth Griffin, were:
Caroline Duncan Fite died when 8 years old.
 Leonard Lamberson died from wounds in the Civil War - unmarried
 Margaret Elizabeth died one year after marriage, leaving an infant daughter who bore no children.
James Monroe Fite, (David, Leonard, Johannes), eldest son of David Fite and his first wife, Nancy Daughtery, was born in Smithville, Tenn., Nov. 30, 1823. He was married to Sarah West, and died in Dallas County, Ark., near Princeton, Apr. 9, 1877.
Children born to James Monroe Fite and his wife, Sarah West, were:
No record is available of the grandchildren of James Monroe Fite.
 *David Fite - Great Grandfather of the writers.
**Thomas Bethel Fite, Grandfather of the writers.

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