Thomas Bethel Fite to Flennoy Elgar Fite.

Thomas Bethel Fite (David, Leonard, Johannes) Thomas Bethel Fite Second son and youngest child of David Fite and his first wife, Nancy Daughtery, was born in Smithville, Tenn., Mar. 9, 1826, and died at La Luz, New Mexico, Jan. 24, 1900. He married Juliann Dorris in 1853, by whom he had two sons born in Dallas County, Ark. Thomas Bethel Fite was detailed to make shoes for the Confederate Army during the Civil War and after the war he ran a grist mill at Pine Bluff, Ark.. He and his two sons later moved to Hood County, Texas where they farmed for a few years, then moved to Throckmorton County, Texas, where they entered the sheep business, with some farming.
Thomas Bethel's wife, Juliann Dorris, died in April 1874, near Grandberry, Hood County, Texas. Thomas lived with the younger son, La Fayette, most of the time after La Fayette's marriage. The older son, William Monroe, moved to New Mexico in 1886 and Thomas Bethel and La Fayette followed in 1887 with the sheep. Thomas and La Fayette farmed in Cox Canyon, near Cloudcroft, New Mexico for several years and La Fayette gradually went into the cattle business, while Thomas moved to La Luz, New Mexico, where he died in 1900. Children of Thomas Bethel Fite and his wife, Juliann Dorris were:
William Monroe Fite (Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes) William Fite Oldest son of Thomas Bethel Fite and Juliann Dorris, was born near Princeton, Dallas County, Ark., June 7, 1854. He moved with his father and brother to Hood County, Texas, where he was married July 3, 1873, to Lucy Jane Elgar , in Hightown Valley, near Grandberry, Hood County, Tex.. William Monroe farmed in Hood County for a few years, then moved with his family to Throckmorton County, Tex., where he joined his father and brother in the sheep business. In 1886 he moved on west to New Mexico and farmed for a short time near Cloudcroft, then moved down on the lower Penasco River and settled with his family at Hope, N. Mex. There he developed a 320 acre irrigated farm, and on nearby range grazed the sheep belonging to him and his father and brother. After the death of his good wife in 1893, William found it most difficult to operate his large farm and sheep business and properly care for his seven children (the youngest an infant), and in a year or so the younger children were placed with other families to live and the older children had gone on their own, and William Monroe disposed of his farm and sheep interests at Hope and engaged in the cattle business in the Sacramento Mountains. Later he and his oldest son, Flennoy, owned and operated a large cattle ranch on the Jornada, in Socorro County, N. Mex. After a few years he and Flennoy moved back to Hope and bought adjoining farms, where he lived with Flennoy and family until he retired from business. After his retirement he lived with different ones of his children, making the rounds from San Antonio, Tex., to Denver, Colo. He spent the last few years of his life with his daughter, Effie Fite Brackett, of Denver, Colo., where he died March 16, 1947, and was buried. He lacked only three months of being 93 years old. He often stated that he never had known what it was to be sick. He was a devout member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for about 75 years. All of his children survived him except Amanda who died at 8 months of age and Charles who was killed in a railroad accident. Besides the six living children he was survived by 20 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grand- children. Until his death he kept his large family of children closely knitted together by a continuous flow of long newsy letters. His greatest concern was to lead his children and grand children into the paths of Christian living.
Lucy Jane Elgar Fite, wife of William Monroe Lucy Jane Elgar Fite , was born in Itawamba, County, Miss., Nov. 5, 1855. She was the daughter of Lewis S. and Elizabeth B. Elgar. Her father died when she was young and she moved with her mother to Johnson County, Tex.
She professed religion early in life and was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, until her death Oct. 7, 1893 at Hope, N. Mex. She followed the teachings of Christ in that if she could say no good of someone she spoke no evil. Her life was one of usefulness, always ready with an assisting hand to the needy and at the bedside of the sick. She was universally beloved and her untimely death, when her baby son, Lewis, was just 7 days old, left her widowed husband with the most difficult problem of carrying on his business and keeping the large family of children together in the home.  The children of William Monroe Fite and Lucy Jane Elgar were:

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Flennoy Elgar Fite (William, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes) Four Fite Brothers Oldest son and oldest child of William Monroe Fite and Lucy Jane Elgar, was born in Granberry, Hood County, Texas, Oct. 19, 1874. He moved with his parents to New Mexico in 1886. He assisted his father in the operation of a large irrigated farm and sheep ranch at Hope, N. M., until after the death of his mother in 1893. After graduation from the Roswell High School he worked in Silver City, N. M., as assayer for the Mine and Smelter Company until his marriage April 20, 1899, to Ethel Ernestine Newman, at Fresnal, N. M.. Flennoy then worked for a number of years as head clerk in the General Merchandise store of Charlie Meyers at La Luz, N. M.. During this period of employment he invested in cattle in the Sacramento Mountains, with his father. Later , about 1905 , they moved the cattle to the Jornada, in Socorro County, N. M., where they operated a large ranch for a few years, after which they sold their ranch holdings and Flennoy and his father bought adjoining farms at Hope, N. M.. Here, Flennoy and his good wife, who was a constant helpmate, developed one of the finest farms in the Hope Community. One of the outstanding features of this farm was a beautiful, highly productive, 30 acre apple orchard. After their children had married and left home Flennoy and Ethel sold their farm and bought a home in the city of Carlsbad, N. M., where they still live at 105 First St.
Ethel Newman Fite, wife of Flennoy, was born in Young County, Tex., Feb. 2, 1882. She was the second daughter of Hanson and Emma Newman. The Newman's  moved from Texas to New Mexico about the same time as the Fite families and located in the same general area, east of Cloudcroft, where Mr. Newman farmed and ran a considerable number of cattle. He moved to the Jornada and drilled the wells which supplied the water for both his and the Fite ranches. The Newman's were one of the most prominent and prosperous families in their community.
Flennoy and Ethel Fite and children
This record of Flennoy and Ethel would be incomplete without some mention of their delightful Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration, held in their home at Carlsbad, Apr. 20, 1949. Five of their six children were present; the oldest son, Clarence, was in the hospital in California at the time, so unable to be at home for the occasion. Present at this celebration, besides their five children and their husbands and wives, and two grand children, were three of Flennoy's brothers and wives and Ethel's sister, Mrs. Ora Swope, and two of her grandsons; Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Brubaker, cousins of Flennoy, and a large number of nephews, nieces and old friends of the family. A big dinner was enjoyed at LaCaverna  Hotel at which the youngest brother, Lewis, acted as toastmaster and proposed the following toast to Flennoy and Ethel:

                                             By Lewis Edward Fite.
Flennoy and Ethel not only reared a fine family of their own but contributed much to the rearing and schooling of Flennoy's  younger brothers and sister. They were most active in church and community work. For example, Flennoy financed and built the concrete community dam at Hope, which was a God send to that irrigation project.
Children of Flennoy  Elgar Fite and Ethel Newman are:
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