Rated Awards won for 1fite.com

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Level Visit Website View Award Date
3.5 Hugs - R- Us [~view~] 05-03-2007
3.5 Mackey Web Design [ ~view~1] 05-08-2007
3.5 My Reflections [ ~view~2] 05-13-2007
3.5 Digby's Web Awards [ ~view~3] 07-18-2007
Below you will find beautiful award graphics and kind laudations from some of the people who took time out from their busy lives to stop by and review my website.

To care enough to take the time to conceive and build a rated award program is no small feat in itself. I think the internet is a lot better place because there are people out there who care enough about the future of the internet, and our society, to encourage other people to build SAFE, FRIENDLY, and INNOVATIVE websites through the donation of their time and effort. I applaud the people who run the award programs and the people who work with them in getting the submitted websites reviewed. Your time is appreciated and well spent.
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Hugs R Us Gold Award
Hugs - R - Us - Gold Award

Awarded 04-07-2007

Hi Troy;

Thank-you so much for your interest in our awards programs and for giving us the chance to visit your site. Our evaluation is complete, and I am thrilled to send you the gold award from both my sites. Your site is very well designed, easy to navigate and pleasant to look at.
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Mackey Web Design Bronze Award
Mackey Web Design - Bronze Award

Awarded 05-01-2007


Your site has won the Advanced Web Design Award ! We have found that your site is well thought out, very pleasant to look at, and serves a definite purpose. It is compelling to its viewers, has informative content, originality, excellent design, and leaves in its visitor's mind the image of a quality site.

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Silver Award of Excellence
Pamela's - Silver Award of Excellence

Awarded 05-13-2007

Congratulations on winning my silver award of excellence. I found your site to have a user friendly navigation, clean layout and educational to share with the www. You have put a lot of hard work into making your site, and also all the research has paid off. I wish you much success.
Regards, Pamela
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Digby's Web Awards - Bronze Award
Digby's Web Awards - Bronze Award

Awarded 07-18-2007

Hello Troy,

I appreciate your interest in Digby's Web Awards and thank you for your application. I'm pleased to announce that your website has been accepted to receive my Bronze Award. While I was evaluating your website I found the content to be interesting and informative, and the website itself to be constructed well. I commend you for helping to make the Internet a safer and better place for all.
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