Updates for 1fite.com

  1. January - 2007. I began to re-write the entire website to the W3c XHTML 1.1 Standard, including accessibility considerations and valid CSS Coding.
  2. On February 1st. I decided to begin applying to web awards programs with 1fite.com to see how competitive my design is.
  3. In march I constructed my Insight page to give my readers a little insight into what makes me tick and why I constructed this web sight.
  1. In April I constructed and published a site map page.
  1. In May I decided that my awards won page was becoming too heavy and broke my awards down into rated and non-rated awards and broke the rated awards category down into three individual sections.
  1. In June I constructed and published an updates page so that the upgrading and updating of my website can be tracked easily.
  1. In July I discontinued using pop-up windows to display my family photo's. I decide to wrap text around them in the appropriate locations on the webpages.
  1. In August I re-wrote the drop down menu located at the top of each page to include titles.
  1. I spent the month of September re-writing the entire website to give it a new look and to bring the mark-up language from XHTML 1.1 down to XHTML 1.0 Strict.
  1. In October I continued re-writing the website. It was actually a lot larger enterprise than I had first anticipated. As I went along it was hard not to continue tweaking the site as new ideas occurred to me. I decided to add a few more access considerations and to add site search opportunities to every page. Along the road to applying for awards I got a lot of good advice from some of the Award Program Evaluators which I decided to act upon as well.
  1. I finally finished re-writing the whole thing on Thanksgiving weekend. I have gone over it with a fine toothed comb to make sure that it passes through all the respective validators without any errors.
  1. I took the whole month of December off from making any changes on the web site. I spent the whole month relaxing and spending time with my family.
  1. January - 2008. The new year kicked off with a couple of my "Cousins" contacting me and offering up a wagon-load of information on their branches of the Fite Family. One of the branches I am referring to is the "lost" Peter Fite Branch. I am currently working on an unlimited level drop-down Java menu to accdomo0date the new info.
  1. May - 2008 After dealing with comprehensive personal issues for the last few months I am turning back to my internet hobbies. I need some diversion to get me back on track. I am working on building a more sophisticated drop down menu which I will be placing on my alternate Genealogy website (same genealogy info) at planetfite.com. This alternate site has about 50% fewer pages and therefor will be easier to write the new menu for. Once I have perfected the new menu design I will be adapting the new menu design to work on this site.

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